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About Joseph Cacciapaglia

I've been involved in real estate since 2005, when I bought my first investment property. I spent most of my career working in commercial real estate finance, acquisitions, sales, and development, but I also spent some time as a real estate attorney (I have since retired my attorney's license, so you will not get any legal advice from me.). Throughout my career, my primary interest has always been small investment properties, and their role in building personal wealth for individuals. I have always believed that everyone should endeavor to own their own rental properties, as the best means to securing long term financial security and freedom.

In 2018, I decided to focus on selling small residential investment properties full time. Since that time I've been able to help friends, relatives, and even a few strangers locate and acquire cash flowing real estate investments. These investments ranged from small apartment properties all the way down to single family homes used as traditional rentals or as short term vacation rentals. If you're considering purchasing rental properties in the greater San Antonio area, I would love the opportunity to assist you.

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